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Social Media is God’s Gift to Customer Service

Social media is God’s gift to customer service–a valuable opportunity every business should embrace. The best marketing strategy will flop if customers can’t get their concerns addressed. Social media strategies and marketing campaigns must… Continue reading

Cool Tool to Make Pinterest Work for You: Pinstamatic

Pinterest is all the rage, but many are not sure how to create images that are pin-worthy. Those gorgeous photos by professional photographers are not the only way to get your photos noticed. I… Continue reading

Social Media Marketing is like Dating Your Customers [infographic]

At the risk of sounding like a country song, I declare: Customers are the heart of your business. When they leave, they take a little piece of your heart with them. Think of… Continue reading

Email vs. Social Media Marketing: Which is Better?

Email vs. Social Media Marketing. Is one better than the other? Both have benefits depends on your goals. Integrating the two campaigns is typically a great strategy. It is more comprehensive and allows… Continue reading

3 S’s of Social Media: Setup, Strategy, Schedule

The one problem many small business owners are trying to solve is how to find time to keep up with their social media presence. Running a business dominates their time because servicing customers’… Continue reading

Women and Men Want More Than 60% of the Same Things [Infographic] | NetBase

It’s not a shocker that men and women want different things. But to what degree do you expect them to want the same things? Netbase provided this infographic highlighting the differences between men… Continue reading

The (Social Media) Rules Are Made to be Broken

This fabulous infographic from FastCompany‘s crowdsourced collection of thoughts on The Rules of Social Media was right on (at least for now). It’s a stimulating visual (great for pinning on Pinterest of course) of ideas curated to summarize the… Continue reading

Your Customers Have Social Media & Aren’t Afraid to Use It

Your customers use social media and they aren’t afraid to use it. They use it when they’re happy and use it even more when they’re upset. Even businesses opting not to take part in social… Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: It’s a Party, not a Sales Pitch

Writer’s block is common for companies new to social media. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to deliver the message becomes a challenge when you must keep the communication… Continue reading

Four Social Media Challenge Busters

We’ve all heard that social media is the fast and easy way to connect us to existing and potential customers. Yet, as small business owners, we have our hands full managing daily operations… Continue reading