Quick Tip: S is for Secure

Have you ever wondered why the URLs you use sometimes begin with http:// and other times begin with https:// ? When shopping, banking or entering sensitive personal data online, make sure you see the… Continue reading

5 Minute Fix: Upgrade Adobe® Reader & Acrobat Now to Prevent Attacks

Use Adobe Reader or Acrobat? (If you read PDF files the chances are good that you do). If so, it’s time to upgrade–now–this is NOT a suggestion. Versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat 10.1.1 and… Continue reading

TMI! Don't Over-Share

How I Stole Someone’s Identity from Scientific American, is an excellent article that makes it painfully clear how easy it is for someone to hack your bank accounts with information found on social media sites, blogs, as… Continue reading

Holiday Deal or Easy Target?

Holiday shopping season is in high gear. The National Retail Federation reported that 28.7 million shoppers (present company included) shopped online on Thanksgiving Day, and spent an average of $150.53 dollars shopping online Black… Continue reading

Talk to Kids About Online Safety

If your family is like ours, kids get their first introduction to computing by the time they can walk. With this comes great responsibility and fabulous learning opportunities. It’s never too early to discuss online… Continue reading