3 Social Media Myths Stopping Small Businesses From Getting Started

3 MythsSocial media marketing is an easy and affordable way for small businesses to make a greater impact on their communities while attracting and staying in touch with customers. Yet many small business owners are not using it because they falsely believe a few myths that prevent them from taking the first step.

Do any of these sound familiar?

1) “With so many social networks, I’m not sure which to use.” You don’t have to use all the social networks. Focusing on a few that existing and potential customers use will make more impact in less time. Don’t spread yourself too thin by using too many. Devoting your time to two networks is better than starting on five and neglecting them. If you want to know which networks your customers use, ask them their opinion. It’s a great ice breaker and offers another opportunity to engage with valuable customers.

2) “I don’t have enough information to share.” Opportunities for engaging with customers are huge. Daily specials, coupons, and promotions are easy. Your customers would also love to hear about how others are using your products and services, relevant news, helpful information, celebrations, new offerings, or photos from your business (a new product, a dessert, an event, a new sign) only scratch the surface of the possibilities. When you use social media it’s important to make the message about your customers and the benefits they receive by doing business with you. Since every message should not be about your business, it’s easy to find new ways to reach out to your audience.

3) “People complain too much on social media. If we get a negative review our reputation will be ruined.” This is where you can turn a negative experience into a positive one. By using social media to communicate with unhappy customers you immediately improve your reputation. Besides, do you want negative information to be to only information out there? By engaging on social media you can correct mis-information or apologize if necessary to turn unhappy customers into happy ones. Many customers love to share great experiences too. Ask them to spread the word on their favorite networks. Many would love to help you out, especially when you personally engage with them.

Turn those myths into opportunities.

Small businesses that don’t use social media are missing an important opportunity for marketing their business. Using social media is the most cost-effective engagement tool next to word of mouth, and is easier to measure. It just takes a little time each week to make an impact.

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