Cool Tool to Make Pinterest Work for You: Pinstamatic

Pinterest is all the rage, but many are not sure how to create images that are pin-worthy. Those gorgeous photos by professional photographers are not the only way to get your photos noticed. I found a fun new tool to make pinning images easier so your business can be a part of the Pinterest revolution with little effort. Best part: it’s free.

Pinstamatic allows you to make your own very pin-able links that look great on your Pinterest board. With it you can create a with a message that others will want to pin too.

Fun features include:

Sticky-Note Generator: I made this pin-worthy sticky note in about 10 seconds.

blog yoga breathe

Snap a Screenshot of your Website: Enter a URL and it takes a snapshot of your site and turns it into a fun new pin. Here is what it snapped from the Haus Interior Design bath portfolio. If you want one of your pages found on Pinterest, simply enter your URL and Pinstamatic does the rest (caveat: depending on how your site is set up this may not work).

Inspired by Quotes? Pinstamatic lets you enter a quote to create an inspirational message you can share on your boards.

Into Music? Create a pin of your favorite song on Spotify and pin to a board. I’m currently listening to Coldplay … my blog-writing background music.

Easy Photo Uploads. Take your own photo or upload a favorite to pin as well. It allows you to enter captions and provides simple formatting options.

Have a Twitter Account? Create a pin of your Twitter profile. Here’s mine:

The possibilities are endless. Have fun with this great new tool. I certainly will be taking full advantage–you know where you can find me:

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