Facebook’s Secret Inbox

Secret Facebook Inbox

Most people don’t know about a secret Facebook inbox for private messages.

Facebook thought it would be a helpful for them to filter your messages for you (don’t forget to thank them). They are typically messages from people who are not your Facebook friends. It’s good to check the box periodically in case you have something you want in there.

The pros: If you get a lot of Facebook messages, it helps prioritize those from Facebook friends and those from non-friends (possibly spam or unwanted messages).

The cons: Since most people don’t know about this, you might be missing messages you would consider important (despite what Facebook assumes).

Here’s how you find it:

Click your messages icon to get to your inbox. It’s located next to the Facebook logo,  between the friend request notifications icon and the general notifications icon (see photo).

The secret inbox is hidden in plain sight. It’s called “Other” and is located next to the word “Inbox” at the top of the pop-out messages screen. It’s shaded in gray. Click on it to see if you have any hidden messages. The attached photo shows I don’t have any, but you might. Check it out.