The (Social Media) Rules Are Made to be Broken

36-rules-social-mediaThis fabulous infographic from FastCompany‘s crowdsourced collection of thoughts on The Rules of Social Media was right on (at least for now). It’s a stimulating visual (great for pinning on Pinterest of course) of ideas curated to summarize the state of social media marketing today.

The summary is a reminder that social media is a fluid process that changes and grows with each new input generated by its users. The users are you and me, they are our friends, family, colleagues, social networks, and global communities. We all create and influence social media each day through our participation and sharing of ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Let’s discuss change. These rules had me thinking that they would surely become irrelevant, replaced by new rules that will apply, until they don’t. When they no longer make sense, we’ll create a new set of rules. By remaining open to the concept of change we have influence on the world around us in a way not possible before the Internet became ingrained in our lives.

I decided to chime in on the FastCompany feature with my own two cents. My rule: “In social media, change is the only constant” — not necessarily an original thought, but extremely fitting. My take away here is that rules are made to be broken, improved, changed, debated, and rewritten. They are not the end, but just the beginning of a whole new socially connected world.

What do you think?