8 Essentials for Facebook Engagement

facebook (1)Facebook doesn’t stay the same. Once we get used to new updates, they shake it all up for us again. As a leader in social media networks, this should come as no surprise . Depending on whom you ask, this could be a blessing or a curse.

It’s a blessing for marketers and the social media industry (full disclosure: I’m one of them). The changes keep us on our toes, requiring us to stay on top of new ways of doing things, trends, and marketing best practices. Those looking for new content to share are never at a loss for new material.

It’s a curse for entrepreneurs busy managing their own core business (full disclosure: I’m one of them). Keeping up with the constant change, knowing how to respond, when it’s important to change  marketing tactics, and how to do it without breaking the budget are challenging for us busy business owners. This summary can help with the basics.

Increase the success of your Facebook marketing efforts by following these eight essential rules for Facebook marketing:

1. Keep Postings Short & Succinct: Posts that use between 100-250 characters (three lines or less) see 60% more engagement (likes, comments and shares) than those with over 250 characters.

2. Post Consistently: Posting three to five times per week keeps your business or brand on customer’s minds. Caveat–don’t overdo it. Too much of a good thing can make people hide your postings or unlike your pages.

3. Get the Timing Right: It may take some practice, but learn the best time of day for your audience. Each demographic is different and learning what works for them and when is the key to increasing engagement.

I find these graphs from Facebook showing the best times for reaching audiences throughout the week helpful:


4. Know Your Audience & Provide Relevant Information:  Post information to your page that make your readers feel “in the know.” Give seasonable and timely information about events, discounts, or news important to your followers. According to Facebook studies, holiday posts on the actual holiday generate 90% more engagement then general topics.

5. Provide Visual Impact: Social media users love simple visuals with a clear focal point. Facebook research has shown that posts including photos or videos get 100 to 180% more engagement. Successful branding requires images clearly identify your brand, to make it easier to remember you and consider your offerings when making purchases.

6. Find Your Voice: Each company or brand has a tone that makes them recognizable.  To increase brand awareness, use that voice and maintain consistency in postings on Facebook (and other social media platforms).

7. Share Exclusive Offers: Reward fans by offering them something for their loyalty. Your fans are more apt to like your page when they get something out of it. Everyone is looking for a deal, exclusive access to events, information that makes them feel special, and they want first-hand information. Limited time offers and promotional codes help engage people to act quickly and discourage them from putting off purchases.

8. Engage, Encourage & Interact: Encourage interaction on your site by posting questions, polls, “fill in the blank” responses. Provide a call to action–if you don’t ask the answer will be “no.” Most importantly, respond to customer inquiries, questions and complaints within a day. If people interact with you, a lack of response leaves a bad impression. Address complaints promptly and courteously to mitigate hard feelings.

Source: Facebook: Building Essential Connections.

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