The Value of Going Viral On a Local Level

Viral content often happens by chance not by choice. The Digital Design Digest make a great case for why we can’t expect our videos (or any content for that matter) to go viral and provides useful advice to local businesses on serving customers first by giving them useful information rather than focusing on attempts to go viral. For local businesses, quality of content is more important than quantity of viewers. Have a read and let me know what you think.

The Digital Design Digest

Many viral videos often happen by accident, not by design.   Videos are posted to YouTube by the casual videographer with a little social network promotion, but the intent is to just sit back and see who watches.  Every now and then such random videos go viral – attracting millions of views from around the world very quickly.  It makes news headlines, is circulated through social media as the newest discovery and creates a flurry of wonder over why and how it got all this attention (Justin Bieber?). Most of the time a viral video is no more than pure entertainment.  We all need a good laugh (Mentos & Coke Fountains) or some inspiration (Susan Boyle).   When a video comes along that fills that need we are more likely to watch it and then share it with our social networks, who, will then share it with their networks. If you are…

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