The Power of a Picture


As I began to make my favorite cranberry relish for Thanksgiving, the gorgeous, intense hues of the ingredients made me grab my camera and start shooting. With the help of my daughters, we pulled together a beautiful still-life and started snapping away. It made me think of all the amazing food and photography blogs that capture the senses with a photo.

A successful blog needs engaging content–that’s a given. Equally important (if not more), is a powerful photo. The eye is drawn to postings that include photos that capture the essence of the message being conveyed.  The old adage, “a picture says a thousand words” holds true. Great photos are the heart of the best websites and blogs.

The social media site Pinterest grew wildly popular due to people’s fascination with great photos. Standard text-based bookmarks that come with your browser become cumbersome after a certain threshold. Think about how many times do you actually refer back to yours.

Pinterest came along last year and gave us the ability to bookmark all the photos of recipes we want to try, places we want to visit, and ideas worth remembering. Because I am a visual person, it keeps me coming back daily. Why? I’m too busy to read everything I stumble upon. Keeping a visual record in one place and organized by category, allows me to find what I’m looking for via a beautiful picture.

Keep the Pinterest concept in mind when writing a blog. Include a photo that conveys a message, invokes a feeling, or inspires an idea.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.