Quick Fix: Manage Your Social Media Permissions

How many social media sites do you use? How many apps have access to your information on your social media accounts?  Most people have no idea.

We found an enlightening new site that can help you find out.  MyPermissions.org created by Avi Charkham, is a simple website that gives you access to major social media sites on one page and shows you how many apps have access to your accounts. Prepare to be shocked at how many apps you may have inadvertently given permissions to your information. It happens quickly–for example, when clicking on a link a friend has shared on Facebook or other sites.

You can also check permissions on your own in your Facebook and other accounts. Get to know your account and privacy settings so you have the most control of your personal information possible.

Keeping your personal information secure, requires a vigilant approach to knowing what permissions you have granted on your accounts. Limit the permissions on your social media accounts to those you use regularly and trust. If you haven’t used an app in a while, it would be smart to revoke permissions immediately.