Quick Tip: S is for Secure

Have you ever wondered why the URLs you use sometimes begin with http:// and other times begin with https:// ?

When shopping, banking or entering sensitive personal data online, make sure you see the https:// otherwise you are sending your information over an unsecure connection. Sites that use https:// have implemented a secure connection to protect your information as it travels from your computer to the company’s server.

Another interesting tidbit: If you’re using Internet Explorer 9+, the address bar will turn green when you have a secure connection (see photo above for an example).

By clicking on the lock, you can view the site’s security certificate. This will give insight to the site’s trustworthiness.

An easy way to keep it straight: The “S” in https:// is for Secure.

Don’t forget: Keep your computer safe by making sure you have the most current versions of your software running. Software companies are regularly updating their softwares with the latest security features.