5 Minute Fix: Upgrade Adobe® Reader & Acrobat Now to Prevent Attacks

Use Adobe Reader or Acrobat? (If you read PDF files the chances are good that you do). If so, it’s time to upgrade–now–this is NOT a suggestion. Versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat 10.1.1 and earlier have a critical vulnerability that allows hackers to take control of your computer. Prevent a hacker attack by simply upgrading your software. The upgrade should take 5 minutes or less depending on your connection. This applies to Windows and Macintosh based computers. A new version is due out this week, but here’s what you can do now to protect your computer.

Check your software version–here’s how:1) Open Adobe Reader and / or Acrobat. 2) Click the “Help” menu. 3) Click “About Adobe Reader” (or Acrobat). 4) Notice version number in the lower left corner of the screen.

Is your current version 10.1.1? The upgrade is expected to be released this week, but you can run this version in Protected Mode while you are waiting. Instructions: 1) Open your Adobe Reader or Acrobat. 2) Click on “Edit” from the Toolbar. 3) Click on “Preferences” in the Edit menu. 4) Select “General” option and look to the bottom of the screen. 5) Check “Enable Protected Mode at Startup.” 6) Click OK. This should protect your computer until the new release is available.

Is your current version earlier than 10.1.1?  If yes, upgrade to version 10.1.1 (Get it here) and run in Protected Mode. See instructions above. A new version is due out this coming week. When it is, you’ll want to upgrade again as soon as it’s available. We’ll post a reminder.

Want the details? For a complete list of the affected versions and details about the issues, read them at Adobe’s website. 

To get the latest version of the Adobe Reader and Acrobat, click here.

No security experience needed for this quick fix. Do it now, you’ll be glad you did.